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Y E S!

Youth Empowerment Seminar

For Teenager age 13-17



In today’s fast-paced, demanding, and tech-dependent world, too often we hear kids and teens  feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and excluded/isolated.

Often, life for a teenager is like standing at a crossroad. Whether it is about making career choices or academics or even relationships, a teenager is often wondering if it is right or wrong. Pressures from family and peer pressure leave them confused. Sometimes even if they make choices, they are not sure of themselves. All the confusion, fear and doubts can vanish when you say yes to YES!


Here is an opportunity for teenagers which will empower them to say YES to life. No matter how many crossroads they have to face, they will always know which road to take. It is a fun and challenging life-skills program that provides young adults with practical knowledge and effective tools to reduce stress, manage emotions, and develop social and leadership skills.


The program also helps teens to talk about problems that they face – whether it is relationships, substance abuse or peer pressure. The stress-elimination techniques taught in the YES! course help teens to deal with these challenges.

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