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Kids in Preschool

A R T - E X C E L

All Round Training in Excellence

For kids age 8-12yrs


To truly excel in life is an art.

ART Excel Course are Art of Living programs for children which enable them to handle negative emotions such as fear, anger and frustration in positive ways looking into overall wellness. These courses also teach vital non-academic skills such as the art of making friends, the secret to popularity, and the value of service to others-all in a supportive, yet challenging and fun atmosphere.

One of the motivating factors in developing the ART Excel courses is that the formal education of young minds has become a fiercely competitive, almost destructive process. In this context of tension evoked by highly competitive exams, and the pressures of making good grades, the creativity and originality of the children tend to get destroyed. Yet these qualities are critical to nurturing the problem solving skills needed in today’s globally linked workplace.

At Art of Living, we believe that education should be an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one.

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